Lotus warns the other teams

xTeam Lotus F1 made their ambitions for success known today. With their new driver Hans they are very keen to improve in order to be a solid midfield team. With the switch to engine partner RENAULT they will most likely improve.

We have an agressive approach over the winter and Im very confident after seeing all the datas. We have already made significant gains from our 2011 car and the new Renault engine fits well in the car. Im hoping for a trouble-free winter where I will do my very best not to dissapoint.

We will do everything we can to get into the strong midfield and I really want to re-atablish myself as a very good race driver going for good positions. After a very miserable season with very little (of not ZERO) feel for the car I will make sure everything's back into place and my desire is to make severe gains over the winter and fight for my money in the midfield, or even going for podiiums. Im confident Team Lotus F1 will offer me the car needed for the task.

Mike Gascoyne, technical director

We are very excited of the prospect of another successful era for Team Lotus F1. After the signing of Hans - a driver well known of his hard work during testing and behind the scenes - we are confident we have the right ingrediences for a very good season. Im happy to inform you that the Renault engine has already made its way into the car and we are fine tuning all the systems. And with the new Pirelli tyres Im sure we can find our ways real quick.

Published 2011-12-13 by Hans Mörtsjö | Edit