Renault discovers chassis technical glitch

xThe Renault F1 Team today announced that they have located a technical glitch on the second of their R30 chassis. The issue was discovered after an extended telemetry data crosscheck, and the underlying problem was a setting in the ECU which resulted in a slight overall loss of performance. The issue confirms why Jorgen has not been as competitive during the last half of the season as during the first. Exactly when and why the setting was changed is still under investigation, but the team suspect it is either a human error or a technical glitch with the ECU update process itself.

Jörgen Ekroth

In a way this is both good and bad news, but it's great to finally know why I wasn't as quick in the final part of the season as in the beginning. The overall car balance has been great all along, but it has been hard to put a finger on why the speed has been missing. It was as if there was an ever so slight input lag, and after thinking of it, it all makes sense now. I lost most of the time in qualifyings and the final half of the races, and that's likely because a light car requires quicker reactions. With a slight lag in input, it just doesn't feel 100% solid. The good news is that now we are on top of things, plus it's good to know I haven't lost the touch completely! [laughter]

Published 2011-12-13 by Jörgen Ekroth | Edit