Silly season continues

xThe silly season marches on and the seats in the bigger teams have been filled. But what of the smaller ones? Who will go were and how will the teams partner up in the future? There have been rumours in the paddock about Toro Rosso. With the somewhat unexpected signing of superstar Peter Bohlin the duo of Rickard Widén and Anders Karlsson will be split. Karlsson though who have been picking points this year is said to have a finalized contract offer from the team, but from the mouth of the man himself it is not likely he will stay.

Anders Karlsson

I think the Toro Rosso needs a gentle driver and the style the car was designed really did not fit me very well.

Both Toro Rosso drivers were seen at the HRT after season banquet thus starting the rumour both might just go to the Spanish squad.

xAnd what of Lotus? Rumours about Hans Mortsjo have been frequent but what of Olofsson? After both Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone had denied that Stefan Olofsson will be part of their respective organizations for next year it now seems clear that he will continue to pursue a driving career in Formula One. It is believed that Olofsson will bring a new sponsor and big money to one of the top teams. Speculations now circle around on which team that will be.

Nicki Lauda said he think one team that probably can be excluded is Mercedes. "They are not interested of his money and they would bring their own driver up through their organization. Stefan also had deep roots within BMW during his early career and it would be rather unlikely that he now end up in Mercedes." Experts seem to agree that the most likely team Olofsson will go to is Williams. A team that for the last years have been a shadow of their old glory past and would really profit from the extra cash he would bring to them. Frank Williams however refused to speak on the topic and has chosen to not give any comments at all on drivers for next season.

The group closest to Stefan Olofsson seems very excited about next season. According to Olofssons manager the deal is done, they already had a signed contract long time ago. However, he was still reluctant to reveal the name of the team.

Nicolas Todt, manager

Things will fall into place in time, you just have to wait and see. We are very happy how everything has developed since the last race in Abu Dhabi. When the time is right we will let you in on the details.

Some more critical voices in the paddock don't believe these rumors at all, but just think it's a big smoke screen.

Eddie Jordan

The most likely team for Stefan is Lotus after all. He has a good relationship with Mike Gascoyne that goes years back and he was early signed to the team to be the driver to develop the car. It would be stupid for both sides to end a working relationship so early.

Published 2011-12-07 by Kris Locksey | Edit