Lill completes Ferrari 2012 line-up

xScuderia Ferrari made no excuses as they stole much talked of newcomer Reiko Lill right infront of the eyes of the McLaren team. Lill who drove a marvelous debute season with two wins, one for Sauber and one for Mercedes. Almost winning the crown jewel in Monaco as well. With the swoop of Lill, the Scuderia have perhaps placed themselves in pole position for next year. Both Domenicale and Montezemolo were clearly pleased as they introduced the Estonian to the Italian press.

Stefano Domenicale

I am happy to introduce a new member to our Ferrari family. Reiko showed everyone this year what he is capable of and he was our main target this year. He impressed a lot by winning in the Ferrari powered Sauber in Australia and already there we started to scout him more. I also know he is very competent in "behind the scenes" work so to speak, and I think we will develop much as a team because of it.

Luca di Montezemolo

Great day for Ferrari. We managed to secure the signature of two race winners, which will be crucial for next year. I really believe when looking just on the paper that we have a great chance to take back the contructors title next year. Of course we also need to get a good car out on track so the work has just begun. But I am very ecstatic to have Reiko with us. He will do great things for our team.

Reiko Lill

It's absolutely fantastic to start a new era for me in the Scuderia Ferrari. I'm grateful for this unbelievable opportunity. Nevertheless, I don't take anything away from Mclaren, the team were absolutely fantastic and I would like to thank them for the chance they gave me at the closing moments in the 2011 season and I wish them good luck in the future. I can't say exactly why I moved to Ferrari, but there were some difficulties, I would say. I'm thrilled and full of energy and I will definately put a high goal to the 2012 season, especially when you have such a fast and experienced driver as your teammate, as Kris is. He is such a talented guy and I have a lot to learn from him. I hope our teamwork will suit well with him. I haven't been in the factory yet, but I will go there in the upcoming week to get to know all the guys and the work which they do there. Once again I would like to thank Stefano and Luca for this chance and I promise to deliver in the upcoming season.

A few questions were raised though on the somewhat sporadic showings this year from the talented Estonian driver. Something Domenicale talked about.

Stefano Domenicale

Well obviously Reiko didn't participate in all GP:s this year. But we all know his injury put a halt to it. We have talked with his doctors and indeed the Mercedes team and he is fully fit and it is something we have demanded as well. We want him of course to race in every single race in 2012.

It was also announced that Kris Locksey would take over Andrea Stella as his race engineer while Reiko Lill will partner up with Rob Smedley. Thus ending a three year long and fruitful relationship.

Stefano Domenicale

It was an easy decision to make. Kris is so integrated in the team and the country. He speaks Italian so it means he will work better with Andrea while it is easier for Reiko to work with Rob. It will be a tremendous boost to Reiko, Rob is very easy to work with and one of the best engineers in the world.

The unveiling of Ferraris new challenger is still set to be decided. The silly season marches on as we now have two teams fully set driver wise for 2012.

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