Abu Dhabi GP: Post-race press conference


Please welcome the podium of the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In third for Red Bull Racing, Peter Bohlin. Second also for Red Bull Racing, the new world champion Kristoffer Holm. And winning the race for Scuderia Ferrari, Kris Locksey.

Kris, a comfortable win for you today but it wasn't enough today, tell us about your feelings about the season as a whole?

Kris Locksey: Emotional day for sure. I look back on the last three seasons and realize I could have been triple world champion if some very small margins were on my side instead of on my rivals side. But honestly I can't say I'm hugely upset about not winning this year either. This has perhaps been my overall best season if counting out 2009 and I won the most races over the year. So in all a lot of positives and in the end that's all that matters. I love doing this and I will always race as fast as I can. If another driver gets more points in the end he have for sure done the better job over a year. Obviously it has never been this close at the end of a season and when counting we changed points system this year it is even more astounding it eventually came down to just a single point. It has been a pleasure driving, a pleasure competing and I will be back next year doing the very same thing all over again.

You got a good start and then just pulled away into the horizon?

KL: Winning was all that mattered today. I gave it all I could and the car was immensely fun to drive. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and I just need to thank the entire team for the support and hard work they have put down into this fantastic car this year. Can't really say much else about the race. Some scary moments lapping other drivers but that was all pretty much. The most intense thing for me was when both Luca, Rob and Stefano gave me the information that Adrian was catching Kristoffer. I knew it would be difficult but I think I sent all my energy to Adrian during that time. And he gave it all he had, he even sacrficed his own race in the end to help me so all I can say is a huge thank you to him. He has been a tremendous team mate and it has been a lot of fun working with him this year.

2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and now champion again in 2011, tell us about your feelings right now Kristoffer?

Kristoffer Holm: It is absolutely amazing! I have had such a good feeling the last couple of month! Both in the car and with the team. This becomes a way of saying thank you to everyone who I worked with. Peter and I taking the WCC for Red Bull and now this .. It's hard to describe ..

Overall it was a quite calm race for you in second but you had to fight in the beginning and after the first round of stops, talk us through that?

KH: I got an average start and saw that the Ferrari guys flew past Peter into the first corner. Knew that I had a little advantage in top speed, so it was important to be close on the first lap. Peter did not resist at all and I think he dropped more than just me. Adrian and I was close throughout the first lap and I could benefit from my straight line speed and overtook him on the straight When I could quit checking the rearview mirror Kris was already far away and it became a race against the score. Adrian was close to me again after my only stop, but I was pretty sure he had to change tires again. So with half the race left, it was just about to take the car to finish..

Starting from pole Peter, but it didn't last for too long?

Peter Bohlin: Hehe, really no, I think the initial launch was quite good but the Ferraris were really quick in the next acceleration phase and could pass me on both sides. Had a little go on Adrian through Turn 1 but messed up the exit and stepped out the rear a bit and lost momentum. Approaching Turn 2 I saw that Kristoffer was fairly close on the outside so I lifted to allow him through to take the fight to the Ferraris but doing so I also lost out to Walter.

And so you had to fight you way to get here?

PB: Yeah, totally true. Initially it was very difficult to follow the four ahead of me as they kicked up a lot of dust and I wasn't used to that as I missed out on FP1 and didn't have so much running behind cars in FP2 and qual. After some laps however I got close to Markus but he defended well, on lap 5 or 6 I could finally pull through on the outside of Turn 11. Tried to close the gap to Adrian but he was quick and we only got close after he rejoined behind me after out last stops. He then quickly overtook my on fresh rubber but didn't seem to pull away in the same way he had reeled me in so I thought that he maybe was short on fuel or engine life after pushing Kristoffer hard earlier in the race, we traded position a couple of times in the last 10 laps and then on the final lap his engine went so I could just go by to take 3rd.

So what are the plans for next year guys?

KL: We will give something definite soon. But lets just say that my future might be the least interesting to follow this silly season haha. But no matter what happens I can just say that driving with Ferrari is living in a legend. Everything just oozes this atmosphere left by Enzo. I love the country, the fans, the team. Coming to Maranello, having some espresso with the guys at the factory before evaluating new body parts etc, I just love it. Hopefully Ferrari can take back both the constructors and drivers crown next year.

KH: I must be loyal to the Red Bull. They have given me a great car all year. We work well as a group and there is no doubt that there would be no difference next year. Too bad the new rules means that Peter can not remain in the team. Peter has been a great asset this year and he is really professional. We have had quite a rough race between us but it has always been with the greatest respect between us.

PB: I've had a great time with Red Bull and I'm glad to have been a part in their quest for their first titles, unfortunately the rules don't allow us to keep going like this so I have to sit down and see what the possibilities are and then decide what I want to be doing for next year, we'll see.

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