Locksey extends Ferrari contract

xIn what has been described as the least exciting piece of silly season rumor all year, Kris Locksey now put pen on paper as he extended his contract with Scuderia Ferrari for the 2012 season this wednesday. Locksey who has been driving with the Scuderia for 3 full seasons and one half season in 2005 claims there were offers but nothing could lure him away from Maranello. In a joint press conference with Domenicale and Montezemolo, all three claimed how happy they were with this development

Kris Locksey

I don't think it comes as a big surprise. I've had the time of my life with Ferrari, they have given me a championship contending car for three consecutive years. I just love every moment here. We also said that we wanted to win the title together and so far we haven't so in my book mission is not accomplished and I will stay here until we get it. Or as long as they want me here of course haha.

Stefano Domenicale

Very happy to continue working with Kris. We have a great relationship as both friends and coworkers. I almost think it would have been a small uproar in the team if we didn't extend this contract to be honest. But over the past three years he has done a magnificent job and even though he has not won the title he could have done it all three years if having a little more luck. 2009 with his injury, 2010, blown engine, single point and blown engine this year in Japan. I could go on but it just proves how valuable he is for our team. He has also developed much as a driver here. I strongly believe he will win next year.

Luca di Montezemolo

Everyone in Ferrari knows we always strive for the titles. From the persons cleaning the garage to the drivers and management. Kris, as Stefano says, have been agonizingly close on three occasions. But honestly Kris brings so much more to the team. I really think he enbodies the character of a driver Enzo would have loved. Therefor he enbodies the values of Ferrari. He is very much loved in Italy and with the fans so not signing him was unthinkable for us. 2012 is a new start and we will strive, and work hard to reclaim both titles.

With Kris Locksey having resigned his contract, due to FIA rules Adrian Holm is forced to look for a new team. Something which was met with sadness in the team.

Stefano Domenicale

Adrian did a great job for us this year, and if the rules were not like they are we would have signed him to for next year. His start to this campaign was brilliant and even though he lost some momentum in the final part I still think he will be someone to look out for next year. I wish him the best of luck and a big thank you from the Ferrari family.

Kris Locksey

It has been great driving with Adrian. He is a dear friend of mine and meeting up ahead of a new weekend were always a blast. So I would also like to extend my thanks to him. He is an amazing driver and will boost whatever team he signs for.

Who will partner Locksey at the Scuderia is unknown, but persistant rumours claims the team have their eyes set on rookie of the year Reiko Lill. What McLaren has to say about that one can only guess. But expect the big teams to fight for his signature.

Stefano Domenicale

Reiko as we have seen this year is a race winning driver. With him I think we would have a great team. But there are other interesting options for us we have to consider, so just be a little more patient, we will see soon enough.

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