Ekroth: 2012 will be an interesting year

xI must say that even though 2011 has been a tremendously fulfilling experience, I'm already looking forward to 2012, which I believe can be even better. This season has been a really fun experience as I quickly found myself right at home in the Renault team. The R29 is a great car which still has some unlocked potential, and fortunately we got to grips with it quicker than any other car I have driven in my career, with the exception of the TF107A at Toyota which was a podium place vehicle almost right away. Working with Jonas as a team mate has also been a great experience.

I have suffered from being without a team mate for a substantial period of time during my time in F1, especially in 2008. Having a good and dedicated team mate helps in boosting your motivation, so whatever happens in 2012, finding a team with a dedicated team mate is a definite must for me. I won't haste into a deal for 2012, that's for sure, but if something interesting heads my way I will definitely consider it. With the new rules regarding class A driver allocations, I think the constructor's championship will get a much needed twist to it.

Published 2011-11-21 by Jörgen Ekroth | Edit