Brazilian GP: Post-race press conference


Please welcome the podium of the 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix. In third for Renault, Jonas Andersson. Second for Scuderia Ferrari, Kris Locksey. And winning the race for Red Bull Racing, Kristoffer Holm.

A great race Kristoffer, a comfortable win in the end but you had to fight hard for it during some parts of the race?

Kristoffer Holm: Yes, in the end it was a fairly comfortable victory. But at times it was really tough. Was not quite sure that Kris and Jonas really were on a two-stops strategy. So when I had made ​​my pit stop and was behind, I pushed hard to get the lead again before the best went out of my tires.

In your view, did the strategies play much part for the result or would the outcome have been the same?

KH: I do not think that the strategy made any difference today. I felt pretty comfortable with the car all the time, even when the tires were really worn out and with an additional tirestop, I could have pushed even little more.

You extended the championship lead by a further seven points, how important was that for you?

KH: A lot! Now, Kris do not win the WDC by just winning the race in Abu Dhabi. He needs help. The odds look simply better for me. Nonetheless, its victory that I'm aiming for in the final GP.

Kris, a solid drive to second but I assume that's isn't satisfying enough for you today?

Kris Locksey: No, it makes for a more difficult end race. I need to win it while Kristoffer is not better than third, and considering both our form right now it will take something quite extraordinary for that to happen. But hopefully both Adrian and Jonas here, might have something up their sleeves. But it's not a perfect feeling knowing I can't decide it on my own.

You had to work hard all the way, could you please tell us about you're fights out there today, especially the one with Jonas for second place?

KL: I did what I could today. The car just wasn't good enough to fight for the win on the day. And when you feel that, it's frustrating. I also knew quite early on that we needed two stops and after I realized Kristoffer would go on a one stopper I started just to focus on Jonas. He went in quite early for his second stop and I could have gone in as well but I felt our strategy would work better knowing I had the faster car in a straight line so dropping one position after the stops didn't worry me too much. But he was really fast today and I needed to push hard.

You now have to rely on other drivers being able to beat Kristoffer in the last race to make you the champion, presumably your teammate would be the one helping you with that, how much of a concern is there for you that your teammate also is Kristoffers brother, any doubts over where his sympathies might be?

KL: Yeah, as I mentioned it's not optimal for us. But I have no doubts about Adrians sympathies, he helped me a lot out on track today so I know he will be a true team player. And hopefully Jonas might be able to deliver another great race and helping me out. But at the end of the day I just need to focus on my own performance, and if I win I've done the best I was able to do. After that, it lies in the hands of dear Lady Luck, and she has been known for letting me down at the most crucial times before haha. But I still have faith in her.

Over to you Jonas, stepping up on the podium here in front of all your home fans must be a fantastic feeling?

Jonas Andersson: Yes, for sure. For me, this is one of the most important races of the year, coming home to see all the fans in the grandstands is just a fantastic feeling. And then of course it feels very good to be able to give something good back to all of them. It's been a couple of years since I was on this podium the last time, so it is very nice.

You had a really good pace, one of your better races of the season I guess?

JA: Yeah, definitely a very good race and one of the best all year. It hasn't been many times this year I have felt that the pace was good all the race, so it was great to run with Kristoffer and Locksey for the whole distance. Obviously, I would have liked to be higher up but that would have been hard. Beating Kristoffer with an extra pit stop is pretty much impossible, and Kris was just to fast on new tires after his final stop for me to be able to defend my position. Great work by the team to once again give me a great car. I think our results in the last races show that we have a strong package.

Only one race remains of the season and the contract is running out, have you started to consider where you will be next season?

JA: Well, my manager is looking at the options at the moment. The new rules introduced by the FIA may have some impact but I think we will be able to find a good position for next year. I hope we can close a deal soon.

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