Brazil GP: Renault Race Report

xThe Renault F1 Team experienced one of their better weekends in Brazil last week as the team scored a podium when Jonas finished in a superb P3 position, very close to the two top runners. This was the team's best result from a pure pace perspective, as only a little over 10 seconds separated Jonas from the winner. Jörgen ran a solid and stable race where strategy and execution played out well, leading to a final P6 position. Jörgen was under constant pressure from Williams driver Markus Walter but managed to stay ahead.

Jonas Andersson, P3

One of my best races this season. The car was really good and the pace as well. It wasn't exactly my best start ever, but I stayed in fourth place off the line and then I was able to pass Adrian down in turn 4. I think that move was very important for the outcome of the race as he was not quick enough, and I could have lost a lot of time behind him. I was able to keep up with Kristoffer and Kris as I tried to save a bit of tires, but we soon realized that it wouldn't be enough for a one-stopper, so from that point I just pushed as hard as possible, knowing it would be possible to run for the podium. I was a bit worried about Peter in the middle of the race as he was catching up a few tenths every lap. We decided to pit a bit early the second time to cover our track position. At the end of the day, I think we performed at our maximum. Even though I had track position on Kris near the end, he was too quick on new tires for me to be able to defend my position. Finally, I hope we can carry on this momentum to Abu Dhabi with the goal of securing fourth place in the drivers championship.

Jörgen Ekroth, P6

I seem to subscribe to P6 positions this season. [laughter] Seriously though, this was probably one of my best races from a pure execution perspective. I didn't quite have the pace to keep up with Jonas, but I wasn't too far off Adrian Holm this time. I did my best start this season, which was exactly what I needed to get ahead of Walter, and thanks to a better gearing I was able to fend him off during the first critical laps. I opted for a single stop this time even though I knew that the lap times would suffer a bit, but it worked out well. In hindsight I think I stayed out one lap too much so it became unnecessary tight with Walter after my stop. Luckily I had the inside line after some wheel to wheel dueling, and after that I was able to open up a gap again. At the end I could conserve the engine a bit but still maintain a safe distance, even though he gained quite a bit. Things were very much under control though, luckily.

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