Red Bull secures constructors title in Brazil

xBrazil once again offered great weather for the drivers as they prepared for the penultimate round of the 2011 Formula One season at the Interlagos circuit. Filled grandstands were not only looking ahead to an exciting race between championship contenders Kristoffer Holm and Kris Locksey, but they were also hoping for a great result for their home hero Jonas Andersson.

With the race underway, Kristoffer Holm made the best start from pole to lead into turn one. Adrian Holm was also quick off the line and side-by-side with teammate Locksey as they approached turn one, but a visit in the grass allowed Jonas Andersson to pull up alongside in turn three and outbrake the Norwegian driver into turn four. Adrian settled in behind the Renault, and ahead of Jörgen Ekroth who overtook Markus Walter for fifth place off the line. Peter Bohlin jumped from tenth to seventh, ahead of Anders Karlsson, Hans Mörtsjö and Kalle Palmre.

The top three drivers soon pulled away from the field as fourth-placed Adrian Holm struggled to keep up the pace. The trio stayed close together for the first third of the race, before Locksey headed for the pits on lap 25, a surprising move as one-stop strategies were expected to be the common choice. He was followed by Jonas Andersson on the next lap, as both drivers dropped behind Bohlin and Adrian Holm, who together with Holm in the lead aimed for only one stop. Locksey soon hunted down his teammate, who moved aside for an easy pass, and he was soon on the tail of the Red Bull, who wasn't much of a fight for the Ferrari on fresh rubber. Andersson also quickly moved past Adrian, and as Bohlin pitted on lap 32, the order between the top three was restored.

xFurther down, Peter Bohlin made progress in the early stages as he overtook Markus Walter on lap four and Jörgen Ekroth for fifth place three laps later. Passing Holm's Ferrari took a little bit more work but Bohlin was eventually able to get past on lap 15. At this point the gap to the top three was up to almost ten seconds, which would prove to be too much to regain. The gap down to Adrian was kept at about 2.5 seconds until the pit stops, while Ekroth slowly fell behind as his main opponent was Markus Walter in the fight for sixth place.

Kristoffer Holm stayed out until lap 35 before making his one and only pit stop of the day, which dropped him behind Locksey and Andersson. But with fresher tires he soon caught up with and past Andersson, and just two laps later he was back in the leading after overtaking Locksey. Andersson then headed for the pits a few laps later to cover up for Peter Bohlin, who was close on the Renault's tail after the stop, but once Andersson got up to speed he could pull away from the Red Bull.

xOnce Locksey made his final pit stop on lap 53, Holm could easily bring the car home for his fifth win of the season. More importantly, the result together with Bohlin's final fourth place secured Red Bull their first Formula One constructors championship, ending Ferrari's run at four consecutive titles. Locksey finished second after having to drive his way past Andersson in the final stint. Joniño finished third in front of a pleased home crowd, eventually ending up less than a second behind the Ferrari ahead.

Adrian Holm finished fifth after a dismal day, ahead of Ekroth who saw his lead over Walter get smaller and smaller over the final 20 laps ending up at just two seconds. At the back, Anders Karlsson had a solid race as he held eighth place for much of the day until getting past by Kalle Palmre after the final pit stop. Karlsson was quick enough after his stop to catch and overtake the HRT but lost the position with only one lap to go as his Ferrari engine failed. Palmre moved into eighth while Karlsson collected a few points for ninth. Hans Mörtsjö was the only non-scoring driver as he had abort his comeback race due to problems with his left hand.

With the season finale approaching, the drivers championship battle is now down to just two men; four-time champion Kristoffer Holm, and Kris Locksey who is still in search for his first title. Thanks to his victory, Holm will have the advantage on his side as he heads to Abu Dhabi with an eight point lead. Locksey will need help from another driver if he is to overcome his rival, so the duo's teammates Peter Bohlin and Adrian Holm will play a vital role to help their team to the title. Don't miss the exciting outcome of this year's championship!

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