Manager: We have started to look at some options

xSince the most recent change in rules about how the drivers can and cannot join certain teams some drivers have started to look at there options for 2012. One of those drivers is current Ferrari driver Adrian Holm who is 48 point behind his older brother and championship leader Kristoffer Holm. The scandinavian still has a slim chance to win his first title, however he admits it will require a minor miracle for that to become reality.

Adrian Holm

It will be very tough for me to beat both Kris and Kristoffer, we will need a minor miracle to be honest but he haven't given up yet and we will do everything that we can do to achieve it.

Flavio Briatore, manager

Ofcourse we have started to look at some options for the 2012 season. He can still stay with Ferrari if he scores 48 more points than Kris Locksey the two races to come so nothing is set for next year yet but forsure it will be tough to keep the raceseat.

To be able to stay with Ferrari for another year Adrian probably has to be ahead of Kris Locksey at the end of the year since the brit is expected to remain in the Maranello based team. This will meen he has not driven for a single team more then one season at a time, but he has been driving for Renault on more then one occasion. Some say he will end up there for a third time if they can come up with a competative car for their 2012 campaign. Another rumour is that Williams will be looking to regain former glory and therefore are interested in signing the Norwegian for next year. When we asked about next years rumour Adrian didn't want to leave comments.

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