South Korea paves the way for inaugural F1 event

xDespite many doubters the promoters were able to get the completely new Korea International Circuit ready in time for the FIA inspection a couple of weeks ago. It's been a tough schedule as construction started only a year ago on reclaimed land just outside the city of Mokpo. Apart from the track and the most necessary facilities the surroundings is far from ready and outside the track boundaries it looks more like construction site than a F1 track.

This event will be Koreas first major motorsport event after previously only being host for the Korea Super Prix in Formula 3 between 1999 and 2003, the race worked as sister event to the more famous Macau Grand Prix at the end of the F3 season. The Super Prix is planned to return now that the country possess a top notch racing facility. Before that the F1 cars will take to the track for this weekend's Korean Grand Prix starting tonight with the first free practice.

Published 2011-10-12 by Peter Bohlin | Edit