Japanese GP: Race Press Conference


Please welcome the podium of the 2011 Japanese Grand Prix. In third for Red Bull, Kristoffer Holm. Second for Scuderia Ferrari, Adrian Holm. And taking his third win of the year, for Red Bull, Peter Bohlin.

Q: Peter, it's been quite a while since your last time sitting in the middle come raceday.

Peter Bohlin: Indeed it is, I've almost forgot the feeling. THere is no denying in that we haven't been on top form for long, the pace have been there occasionally but the consistency haven't been so good. We had a good run in the first four races but then we had the chassis change which forced us out of Turkey and Spain, from then we have taken it step by step and finally got it together here, even though we were really lucky in the end.

Q: Tell us about the race, you dropped down the order a couple of times during the race?

PB: Yeah, lost two positions in the start and then another one before the end of lap one when I went wide in 130R. Could get two places back as the Holms struggled to stay on track, closed in on Lill and overtook him into 130R but spun out a lap later and was running 6th. Found myself behind JoniƱo and struggled to find the rhythm so decided to make an early stop. I immediately found confidence in the car and could push quite hard so when everyone had pitted ten laps later we were in 2nd place behind Kris. Dropping another seven points to the championship leader would have been a big blow for my championship chances so decided to push him as long as possible but it was hard as he had pitted much later, then his engine went into pieces, well, lucky me.

Q: Now you are only thirteen points off your teammate and five points behind Locksey, will you be able to defend your title from last year?

PB: 2011 is an odd year so this one should be Kristoffers, shouldn't it? No, of course I would like to do that but both guys are really fast so it will be very difficult to beat them and we have Adrian lurking behind us aswell so I think we have to take it race by race.

Adrian, from 6th on the grid you advanced up to 2nd after first lap and then down to 8th, must feel good to end up 2nd afterall?

Adrian Holm: 6th? Maybe I lined up in Kris spot [haha]. Anyway it was a great race, lots of good racing and be able to get a podium is also nice, of course you always want to win but we were not fast enough and with some mistakes aswell so that was not possible.

As mentioned you had a difficult time during the opening laps with a heavy slide through Turn 1 on lap 5 and then ended up spinning though the Dunlop corner a lap later, takes us through these laps, was there a setup problem or more driver related?

AH: The problems started out with that long slide through Turn 1 with the rear tires taking a beating. After that I had alot of oversteer for the rest of the lap and leading up to the spin doing even more damage to the rears and from that on the car was very oversteered until the pit stop but and then i worked brilliantly all the way to the checkered flag.

A classy climb up the field and then snatching what was about to be 2nd place from your brother, was this the way back into the championship battle?

AH: I hope so, but I'm still 30 points short of Kristoffer but we will certainly do everything in our power to catch up. And I don't have anything to loose either so we can really be aggressive and take chances to get ahead.

Finally, Korea is next up, a new venue, what do you guys think we can expect from it?

PB: Difficult to say, but it will be fun to come to a new place and learn a new track. It seems to be divided in two parts where the first consist of tights turns connected by long straights and the last is a mix of more sweeping bends taken in a wide variety of speeds.

AH: I don't know really it seems to be a track with little of everything but we have shown great pace on every type of track this year so im sure we will be competitive.

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