It's that time of the year again

xYes folks it's that time of the year gain. Silly season has begun to show it's ugly face and speculations about who is going where is running rampant in the pits. It might look on the surface to be a slow year silly season wise with many drivers remaining at their current teams. But speculations are no less going on and we will try to look at how things are right now in the different teams.

Red Bull

The Red Bull team has had their best ever season looking to snatch both the WDC and WCC. And that is much thanks to the driver line up of Kristoffer Holm and Peter Bohlin. The duo has been in formidable form all year and it would take something huge to lure anyone away from the team. If so Kristoffer Holm would start his third straight season in a team which would be a record for the Swede. Peter Bohlin is already thought to have been handed a second year contract with the team and is thought to already have signed it too. Our tip for 2012: K. Holm - Bohlin


Situations are quite similar at the Cavallino Rampante. Locksey and Holm has been as lethal as Locksey and Bohlin, so the gap the double world champion left was not difficult to fill. Although rumours says there is a big competition for domination that might disturb the contract negotiations for next year. With Locksey having such a strong position within the team many are worried Holm might feel interested in another seat were he is clearly number one. Who that team might be is unclear so we still think it will look the same for next year. Our tip for 2012: Locksey - A. Holm

Lotus Renault

Renault who will be Lotus Renault for real next year have enjoyed a great year with Andersson snatching a win at Hockenheim. The team is working frantically to secure both drivers for 2012 but it is still unsure if that will come into fruition. The duo seems to work exceptionally well together and also seems to enjoy each others company so that might motivate them both for a continuation. But with Andersson also showing he is a title candidate the never ending rumour about McLaren is still there. Ekroth is thought to continue though. Our tip for 2012: Andersson - Ekroth.


Mercedes have not had the start they wanted even though Lill gave them a great win at Hungaroring. Indeed it looks interesting at Mercedes for next year as they have shown clear interest in both Lill, Walter and Vilis. But as Lill is looking set for McLaren it might indicate that they go German in the form of Markus Walter along with the very competent Lithuanian driver Tomas Vilis. While Mortsjo announced his retirement and Waltgard not having the best of years we think both current drivers will leave. Our tip for 2012: Walter - Vilis


McLaren will do everything to secure the singnature of Reiko Lill, of that we are sure. They also might want to snatch Tomas Vilis so the Lithuanian might face some good choices for his career in 2012. The team though seems to have a real soft spot for Finn Markus Tynkkynen and they might want to bring him back from retirement for 2012. If no other choices are left they might look at Kalle Palmre who have had a great first year with some very competent driving. Also the sheer speed of Mattias Holkedahl might also be interesting for the British outfit. It looks to be interesting also for McLaren. Our tip for 2012: Lill - Palmre


Difficult team to judge as of now. What looks certain though is that both drivers won't continue. Walter who looks set for Mercedes while Dadley won't be handed a continuation. But who might be interested in the team? They might want to resign Waltgard and Mortsjo if they can convince the Swede to come back. Also they might want to get their hans on Holkedahl who might be interested in a swap from Virgin. Our tip for 2012: Holkedahl - Waltgard

Force India

Force India had some big ambitions for this year but after Swiegers accident they have had to renounce that ambition. While Swiegers still is not 100% fully recovered it might look like they want to keep current number two Erki Kasevali. They might also want to sign an experienced driver from retirement such as Tynkkynen or perhaps even Spain winner Fredrik Berglind. It is all speculation though and the team is hard tipped for next year. Perhaps they want an all Estonian lineup and that might mean the arrival of Laanela. Our tip for 2012: Kasevali - Laanela


Peter Sauber have once more built a very competent team from limited resources. What is almost sure is that they want to keep Brevitz for next year as the Swede has been showing some good form. Who will partner him is unsure though after the announcement of Teeorgs retirement. The team though will work to bring the Estonian back because he has also shown some impressive performances this year. Our tip for 2012: Brevitz - Teeorg

Toro Rosso

Looks to be an easy job tipping the junior Red Bull team. Both Widen and Karlsson has been consistant this year and Tost has clearly indicated he wants to keep both for next year. Our tip for 2012: Karlsson - Widen

Team Lotus

A big surprise this year much thanks to Vilis who have done great things to the team. If the Lithuanian driver feels comfortable in the team they might give the bigger teams a run for their money for his signature. We believe though Vilis will move on. Team Lotus have also shown interest in Mortsjo and Mortsjo have also flirted with the team so perhaps they bring him back. Olofsson who has not been seen on many occations this year might continue due to his technical abilities. But we think more that Gronqvist might be interested in the second spot. Our tip for 2012: Mortsjo - Gronqvist


Will surely lose both drivers. Who will join is pretty unclear but they might want Olofsson. They might also look into bringing Noritis back for his sheer experience in F1 cars. Our tip for 2012: Olofsson - ?

Marussia Virgin

Virgin have always said they build their car around Holkedahl, if they can convince him they are a team for the future the quick driver might want to continue. Thellbro who has not been driving this year is unsure for the next one. Our tip for 2012: ? - ?

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