Whitmarsh claims Lill's role is crucial

xThe McLaren team are currently in transition between a couple of difficult year and entering a new renaissance. With the arrivial of Reiko Lill to the team and together with some brand new aero modifications the once great team finds themselves suddenly in a position to win races again. It might come as a surprise to those following F1 but according to Martin Whitmarsh it is a logical turn of events. The soft spoken Englishman explains.

Martin Whitmarsh

I don't think it is that hard to believe? We have fantastic resources in the team, both in terms of personnel and equipment. The team is always aiming forward and I would say we have the most trimmed squad in the F1 world. But sometimes a lot of work don't pay off and I'm the first to say that the car we have had this year has not been competible enough and that is my fault and the teams. We have witnessed a tremendous rise in efficency in the wind tunnel with these new upgrades though so we are very happy it showed in Singapore, and I think it will show even more at Suzuka.

McLaren who hasn't won a single race since the 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix have had a difficult year driver wise as well. With Tynkkynen announcing his immediate retirement and Gronqvist who has been out for the major part of the second half of the season. Whitmarsh is the first to say that the continuity hasn't been fantastic and that the arrival of Reiko Lill will boost everyones morale.

Martin Whitmarsh

Reiko is a fantastic driver. He has already won 2 races this year, with two different teams no less. He gave both Sauber and Mercedes their first ever victories so everyone can clearly see how good the man is. I am sure we will fight for the wins in the last four races of the year and I hope we can finally win again, the team is worth a bit of success.

Lill who has a contract with the team for the remainder of the year is surely hot pray for the British team. And Whitmarsh claims they will do everything in their power to keep the Estonian ace for 2012 as well.

Published 2011-10-03 by Kris Locksey | Edit