Locksey: Adrian should be driving for me now

xAfter his race win in Singapore Kris Locksey now finds himself in the drivers seat in the championship as well. But the lead is fragile with Kristoffer Holm trailing by just one point. Team-mate Adrian Holm finds himself even further down the standings which makes Locksey claim he should be driving in favor of him now. A somewhat controversial claim as Ferrari in the past couple of years adamantly have said they favor no driver when things still are close points wise. We had a chance to talk with the three people involved, Locksey, Holm and Domenicale, and all three shared different views which may indicate internal strife in the team.

Kris Locksey

Look, I know it might be a race to early to go public with this but to be honest, every single point counts right now and if Adrian steals points in the forthcoming races it might just hurt our title bid a lot. The drivers crown have always been the most important thing for the team to win and we should work together now to claim it. If we look at the standings Adrian is 34 points adrift which will make his bid for the title a whole lot harder. It is just common sense to place all the bets on the front runner right now.

Adrian Holm

I don't want to comment on this. I still have a strong chance to be champion so why should I not try? I am behind but we have seen all season it is not impossible to catch up. If Kris just retires once I am right behind him again. As long as I have a mathematical chance I will fight.

Stefano Domenicale finds himself in a tight spot. To go between two competitive drivers isn't something new to him as both Bohlin and Locksey had some epic internal fights in 2009 and 2010. He insists though Ferrari is giving them both the same opportunities for the title even though some claim that Montezemolo demands the team works in favour of Kris Locksey.

Stefano Domenicale

I said it last year and I say it again this year. We give our drivers the same chance to win. Sure Kris is looking like the most likely candidate right now but if Adrian reverse his form he is a strong candidate for the race wins and the title. It is really a very good problem to have, when both your drivers fight for it. But we take a race at a time, perhaps the situation has changed again after Japan.

With only 4 races to go it is clear there is a fight for domination within the team wether or not this will steal focus from the actual races will remain to be seen.

Published 2011-09-29 by Kris Locksey | Edit