Singapore GP: Qualifying Press Conference


Please welcome the top three placed drivers in the qualifying for the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix. In third for McLaren, Reiko Lill. Second for the Scuderia, Kris Locksey and pole, yet again, for Red Bull, Kristoffer Holm

Q: Kristoffer, you seem to have awsome form in qualifying, tell us about your last lap?

Kristoffer Holm: Yes! Things are going my way at the time! I enjoy being in the car right now and I achieve clean laps. It was my last attempt and I went for it . At That time I had the third best time and there was nothing to lose. I made a mistake at turn 11 and 12 and it was probably the only thing that I am not satisfied with.

Q: The track seems to wear tyres more than usual, what are your thoughts on strategy?

KH: It will be exciting! We will probably see many pit stops. Some will be planned, others not. But I think everyone will have problems just make the obligatory stop and it will be very exciting to see everyone's strategy.

Q: Kris, many laps in a single stint, did you get the maximum out of the car?

Kris Locksey: Not at all. Very frustrating qualifying. I made huge mistakes everywhere and I feel I have let the team down a lot. To be honest I truly believe I could have done a low 30 time perhaps even in the 29's, because the car is just working brilliantly. From very heavy fuel loads to lighter ones. I feel we have the winning car for the race.

Those are some pretty big words?

KL: Sometimes you can be cocky without beeing conceited. I think today is the day haha.

Reiko, you were fast here today. You seem to like this track?

Reiko Lill: Yeah, it´s a good track, but I can´t say it´s my favourite. I may say that I like quite a much the street circuits, which the Singapore track definitely is. I think it´s because you don´t have error room and you have to stay focus either on a lap or on the all race so the walls keep me focused(laughs) and is nice to have the pace to compete with the top guys again.

Q: Race on saturday, thoughts about it?

RL: The car feels extremely comfortable.I haven´t had this kind of confidence since Monaco, which was ages ago. I think , we should have a good race pace, but you don´t know what miracles the Red Bulls and Ferraris do with the car in the race. All in all a place in the Top 3 will be the goal.

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