Italian GP: Toro Rosso Race Report

x"A point for the Torro Rosso team again!"

Franz Tozt said when we met him afterwards the Italian GP.

"And this is like our hometrack. We had high hopes for this weekend but it started with problems, first Rickard got ill and then we had huge problems to get the settings of the car right. You need to have the car in balance so you feel confidence in these tricky corners. The search for a new technical chief continues to help the guys with the settings. "

He looked a little bit worried.. and then he smiled again.

"We look forward to Singapore. For Anders this is his first season and still he his learning and i hope Rickard is on hit feet then. "

We had a chance to get a comment from Anders him as well when he was walking by in the pits and this is his thought of the race :

" A fun track, a nice and clean fight with Erki the first ten laps or so, then i spun in Lesmo making my wing broke, and that took a while to get to the pits. A few minor mistakes and very difficult to get in the corners to make a summary of it. And my apologies to Jörgen and Jonas in blue flag situations" .

Published 2011-09-12 by Jonas Andersson | Edit