Italian GP: Race Press Conference


Please welcome the podium for the 2011 Italian Grand Prix. In third for Red Bull Racing, Peter Bohlin. Second for Ferrari, Kris Locksey. And scoring his second straight win, also for Red Bull, Kristoffer Holm.

Q: Kristoffer, another great win for you but it was a bit harder today than Spa though?

Kristoffer Holm: Yes, really! It was really hard race today. I felt I had a little advantage in speed, but it was difficult to get a gap to Kris, as he always was able to slipstream me. The start was good, but I think that Kris was the best of the grid. The first stint was good. I could control it pretty easily. Second stint was a bit sweaty. Locksey even overtook me a couple times. The first time he braked too late and missed the chicane and I was surprised that he did not let me pass after that. The second time we had a dragrace on the straight and under braking he was just ahead of me. Men han kom mot mej och vi hade lite kontakt. Think it affected his cornering and I could easily overtake him again.

Q: How sure was the team you would come out ahead of Kris after your stop?

KH: We were safe. We checked all the time on lap times and a few laps later than Kris, we decided to make the pit stop. I took it quite slow into the first chicane. Just be sure that there was no mistake and that made the Kris came a little closer. But we were never close to losing a place.

Q: You now have two straight wins, coming to Singapore what are your thoughts of continuing this form?

KH: Right now everything feels perfect. I am comfortable in the car. I've found some extra pace in the qualifying sessions and the race is always good. But it will be hard too. My guess is that Peter and the Ferrari guys feel the same way. It will be the small things that will determine, but I'm optimistic.

Q: Kris, not quite there today, must be disappointing considering the venue?

Kris Locksey: Yeah, I feel empty in a way. Sure it is always fantastic to be on the podium here at Monza as a Ferrari driver but I'm sad I couldn't give the fans what they wanted. I really tried but it wasn't to be. But in all I have to say thank you to everyone coming here. Great support as always and hopefully next year will be even better.

Q: What did you lack today?

KL: We had overall speed but I were nowhere near as consistent as I should have been. I lost time to Kristoffer back and forth and on some laps I had to save some fuel, but in retrospect I should have put up even a bigger fight. It seems he was running really low on fuel so one or two laps with heavier pressure might just have paid off in the end. Nothing you can know of course but a bit annoying nonetheless. But I have to say he once more drove a great race without any mistakes and when both of us drives like that, winning is even harder.

Q: Peter, you also enjoyed a good race but opted for a much later pit stop, tell us about that?

Peter Bohlin: I catched Adrian just as Kris pitted and a few laps later Adrian pitted too, I saw that he dropped behind the battle for 5th so I knew it must have been some kind of trouble for him. I didn't lose so much time to Kris despite the tyres so I continued. Kristoffer pitted and then he came out just ahead of Kris so I waited to see how the pace would be compared to them as Adrian was pretty much out of the picture and my third place was pretty safe with Adrian out of the picture. They gained a few tenths on me and then lost about a second or so and I kept going but they started so close the gap lap by lap so I decided to pit.

Q: Did you lose the race in the start you think?

PB: If you want to fight for wins you can't afford to drop multiple places in the start so for sure it didn't help but these guys did a very good race and maybe we had similar pace but I wasn't as consistent so it would have been hard nonetheless.

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