Italian GP: Qualifying Press Conference


Please welcome the top three placed drivers in the qualifying for the 2011 Italian Grand Prix. In third for Red Bull Racing, Peter Bohlin. Second for Scuderia Ferrari, Adrian Holm. And finally taking the pole, also for Red Bull Racing, Kristoffer Holm.

Q: Great pole on a track you must love?

Kristoffer Holm: Yes, this track has a special place in every driver's heart, I think. There is so much history, and the atmosphere is always perfect! And to drive at this track is a dream. There is tremendous speeds on straights and the combination of curves is perfect!

Q: Tell us about the lap?

KH: It was a very clean lap. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that I braked too late to Roggia chicane. The next lap then I tried a little bit harder, but it was just a lot of mistakes that lap. You have to have some patience with these the car her, because the downforce is so low. It is easy to over run the corners.

Q: What are your thoughts on the race and how important will strategy be come Saturday?

KH: Think we have a very exciting race ahead of us. It is so tight and it is surprisingly easy to follow someone on the track. So I do not think the start is so important, but it will get crowded in the first corner as usual. And there is great risk of destroying the entire race. Our fastest race would be not to stop once, but as everyone knows we must all make a pit stop at least once.

Q: Adrian, a dramatic start to the session, what happened?

Adrian Holm: Oh yes! The cars computer had a minor crash so it went into standby mode and while its restarting there isn't much you can do except wait. And it couldn't be in a worse place either, right in the middle of the first chicane and the accident was a fact..

Q: Still you managed to come back in a fantastic way, you must be pleased?

AH: Yeah the car worked like a charm today but we did miscalculate the amount of fuel needed so we ended up with too little fuel and we could not complete the third flying lap which was our optimum lap.

Q: Peter, a flying lap but not quite enough. Were did you lose that time?

Peter Bohlin: I don't know really, no big mistakes so I believe I would have needed a perfect lap to beat this guys today. Looking at the times I lost about two tenths each in sector 1 and 3 and gained two in the middle sector so that's pretty much it.

Q: Race day is approaching, how do you feel about this track?

PB: It's my home grand prix so it is special of course although I believe the amount of fans around here who wants me to win this year is fewer than in the previous years [laughter]. I haven't done too well here before, only 16 points out of a possible 55 I think so I hope to get a clean race and hopefully a podium at the end of the day, then i would be quite satisfied, but I won't mind a victory either.

Published 2011-09-09 by Kris Locksey | Edit