Belgian GP: Renault Race Report

xThe Renault F1 Team lost a bit of its momentum during the past weekend as the two drivers failed to be competitive enough to challenge the top runners. While Jonas had to sit out the qualifying due to car problems, Jörgen failed to get get the lap times low enough to compete with the faster cars. In the end, P8 was all he could muster, and he complained loudly about understeer afterwards. In the race, Jonas did a good climb initially and was able to overtake Jörgen early in the first stint, but after some off track moments the two changed positions again. Jonas overtook Jörgen again right after the pit stops were done, but close to the end of the race, bad luck hit the Brazilian who lost the front wing as he went off in turn 11. Jörgen went on to finish P6, and Jonas ended up P7 after the Sauber of Thomas Brevitz got stuck on a curb in the Bus Stop corner. All in all it was a bit of a setback for the team, which needs to find the momentum again in time for the Italian GP, a circuit where Jonas won the race last year.

Jörgen Ekroth, P6

Not quite the race I would have wanted. I did a good start however, but lost places to Locksey and Andersson early in the first stint. The car was suffering from quite a bit of understeer all the way through the first stint, but after the pit stop things became much better, even though the balance was far from ideal. I had to work hard in order not to place wheels on the wrong side of the curbs, but I got away with pretty much zero mistakes. In a way it was a bit of a flashback from Melbourne where we also weren't quick enough, and Jonas' unfortunate late shunt was pretty similar too. Very unlucky, but I still think he has a shot at the WDC, provided we can pull ourselves together and come out on top in Italy.

Jonas Andersson, P7

Unfortunately this felt like a step back to the beginning of the season. I knew it would be tough from the back of the grid, but I still thought it would be better. The first lap was good and I was able to move up quickly behind Jörgen, and then passing him on lap three. I felt like I could keep up with Locksey but the car wasn't great and some mistakes here and there put me back. Unfortunately things didn't get much better after the pit stop as I contined to struggle a bit with the car. Well, at least we got some points to show for it. I hope we can bounce back at Monza, where we should have some good data from last year.

Published 2011-08-30 by Jörgen Ekroth | Edit