Belgium GP: Holm takes the win and the championship lead

xKristoffer Holm started from pole and apart for some battling with his brother Adrian along the Kemmel-straight it was quite a lonely afternoon for the Swede. He imediately opened up a gap that no one could close in on and after 44 laps he took the chequered flag in a comfortable way. 2nd place was taken by rookie Tomas Vilis who also had qualfied well overtook both Bohlin in the Red Bull and Lill in the McLaren to score his first ever podium finish in only his sixth race. Kris Locksey had been demoted ten places after qualifying because of an incident in the previous race but quickly moved up the field and after one and a half lap he was 5th. Despite losing time to the front during the first stint the team did a perfect stop to bring him by Lill in the pitlane for 4th, from there he sat his sights on Bohlin which he gained time on throughout the second stint until he was able to overtake him a few laps from the end, thus finishing in 3rd. Bohlin had to settle for 4th after losing positions mainly in the beginning of the race.

Adrian Holm had a great and even led the race for a few undred meters on the opening lap, a costly spin into Bus stop saw him dropping down to 13th. From there he had to climb his way back up and so he did, finishing 5th. Jörgen Ekroth made yet another solid performance, lost out to Locksey and his teammate Jonas Andersson early on but as Andersson had one of his tougher days after missing out on the qualifying Jörgen could take his position back, the Renault duo ended up 6th and 7th. Christian Waltgård may not have been too happy about the preparations as he was nowhere to be seen during practice still showed up on race day and put in a decent performance taking important points for his Mercedes team by finishing in 8th as last man on the lead lap. Waltgård had a long close battle with Kalle Palmre in the Hispania car during the first stint until Palmre went off exiting the Fagnes combination and knocking of the front wing. A cosly mistake which meant the Estonian was in no mans land all the way to the flag however he was awarded a point for finishing 10th. Inbetween these two Rickard Widén finished in 9th after spending most time alone on track after his teammate retired on lap 23.

xThe without doubt unluckiest guy of the race was Thomas Brevitz who was running in a secure 7th place when he was about to complete the second to last lap but got a bit wide entering the Bus stop chicane and stranded his car on top of the high kerb. Helplessly he had to retire and therefore finished in 11th, a few hundred meters away from a 9th place. Other retirements was Reiko Lill who had a good start, running in 2nd place during the first seven laps before dropping down to 4th. After being overtaken by Locksey in the pitlane he then tried to follow him but after two laps he rode the Malmedy exit kerb a bit too much and his car was thrown into a spin with the rear hitting the barriers. Without the rearwing the car was really unstable to get back to the pits and after several spins the race ended without a front wheel in Stavelot on lap 26. Anders Karlsson was racing tight together with Palmre, Waltgård and teammate Widén during the first part of the race but after some mistakes he lost time and on lap 24 he was forced to retire after an electrical failure, maybe related to the pitstop a lap earlier. Sten Teeorg retired as early as lap 6 after that the team had tried to fix the car in the pits after a shunt, up until then Sten had looked promising challenging Palmre for 10th place.

Red Bull increased the constructors lead by finishing with one car ahead of each Ferrari and Kristoffer Holm is now the new championship leader, seven points ahead of Kris Locksey, eight ahead of his brother Adrian and fifteen ahead of teammate Bohlin. Renaults hope Jonas Andersson has dropped down to twentyseven points behind, still within striking distance and we know what he can do on the upcoming events.

In two weeks time we are on Italian soil when the Italian Grand Prix at the famous Monza track outside Milano takes place, will home favourites Ferrari be able to close the gap to the Bulls infront of the dedicated tifosis, tune in to find out!

Published 2011-08-30 by Peter Bohlin | Edit