Belgian GP: Race Press Conference


Please welcome the podium finishers in the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix. Third for Scuderia Ferrari, Kris Locksey, a fantastic second for Team Lotus, Tomas Vilis. And scoring his third win of the year, his fourth win here at Spa, for Red Bull Racing, Kristoffer Holm.

Q: Kristoffer, a great race from you and a nice comeback from Hungary. But there was some scary moments on that first lap?

Kristoffer Holm: Yes it was! And it was a real nice feeling when I crossed the line. It was a decent start. Luckily I was able to stay in the lead at the first corner. But after Eau Rouge Adrian was really close and he also passed me on the Kemmel straight. But as I said after qualifying it was really important for me to stay in the lead there, so I tried to pass him on the outside under braking and it worked!

Q: You now move on top of the tables, do you expect to remain there and what do you have to do to do that?

KH: No, I do not know. It is an incredibly tight championship this year and competition is brutal this year. What I know is that we go and lose a lot of points this year. Our lead could have been much larger. So think probably most people. We take one race at a time from now. We try to look at our biggest opponent. We will now focus on Monza. We really have to work with our low top speed and still try to maintain our fine balance in the curves. Looking forward to it!

Tomas, first appearance on the podium and what a place to come here. What are your feelings right now?

Tomas Vilis: I am happy to finish on the podium, although I was expecting a good result in this race. It was hard to win a second place because of other guys. They were really quick. Also i would like to thank them for a clean fight.

A lot of team bosses pin point you as a big threat in the future and a potential race winner. When do you think you will get all the way to the top?

TV: In first races it was hard for me to get used to the handling of the car because i wasn't used to this kind of traction. At this moment i think that i have already found suitable setup for my car and i will drive as fasts as i can.

Q: Kris, a good comeback from 13th on the grid. Tell us about your day on the track?

Kris Locksey: I said after qualifying I would be happy with a podium finish. And result wise I am, but performance wise I'm not. The car was really horrible to drive in the first stint and it worked a lot worse than during the practice sessions. I don't know why but it's just one of those things you need to evaluate after a race. Second stint was much better and I could find confidence and speed in the car. Unfortunately it was to late to challenge for the win but I'm happy that I managed to get past Peter at the end.

Q: Now you move to Monza and of course a good result there will be crucial?

KL: Sure, not just because of the points but because it is Monza. I think everyone knows what it takes to go out on that track as a Ferrari driver. Hopefully we might have a better weekend overall there as Adrian also needs to be on the podium so we can take the fight to Red Bull.

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