Belgian GP: Qualifying Press Conference


Please welcome the top three placed drivers in the qualifying for the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix. In third for Scuderia Ferrari, Kris Locksey. Second for Red Bull Racing, Peter Bohlin. And finally taking the pole, also for Red Bull Racing, Kristoffer Holm.

Q: Kristoffer, an amazing last lap to grab the pole, take us through the lap?

Kristoffer Holm: Yes, it was perhaps the best lap of the season. When I saw Peter's time, I realized it needed something extra. And I think the limit of what was the maximum was very close to there. A little wheel spin in Stavelot. I am very pleased with the lap!

Q: Together with you teammate you crushed the opposition, is this a Red Bull track?

KH: I think so. We had a very good car in Malaysia, China and Turkey. Many high-speed corners, the same as here. Though I do not think qualifying results speak the whole truth. We know that Ferrari are quick in the race and there are many more who have shown good form in recent races. It was probably a couple of really great lap by myself and Peter.

Q: What can we expect from the race do you think?

KH:For me, it has a lot to cope with holding the lead throughout Kammel straight. In sector two, I believe myself to be strong in the race. We'll see how quickly Kris will climb through the field as well. Hopefully he get stuck behind someone in the first stint. We must keeep an eye on Adrian to! He is probably not very happy with his qualifying performance. It was pretty much setup work even during qualifying there I guess. From now on its all about scoring points all the time. We are wasted many points at the end and we could have been in a comfortable lead.

Peter, a great final lap for you but then Kristoffer got ahead later on?

Peter Bohlin: Yes, a great team result to build on for the race. I knew from Q1 that Kristoffer would be very hard to beat today so I'm not too disappointed. It was a really good lap from me and I can only blame myself for messing up the Bus stop on the penultimate lap when the second sector had been spot on.

You were the only one of the top 4 who went for a single stint, tells us about that?

PB: It's difficult to say which are the better option to go for but with the session being time limited and this being the longest lap of the season we decided to go for a single stint with multiple laps. You donät get the optimum grip on optimum fuel load but instead you can build up the flow but I don't think it mattered today.

Your thoughts about the race?

PB: Going to be interresting of course, it's always a pleasure driving around here. We are in a good position with our main opposition further down the grid but it's one of the easier tracks to overtake so we will need to be on our guard straight away to not give away the advantage we gained today.

Q: Kris, third place today, what is your thoughts about the session?

Kris Locksey: Good session I have to say. I don't think I could have gotten that much more out of the car so in all I did the best possible. But hats off to the guys beside me. Really impressive stuff.

Q: You have a ten place grid penalty from the last race, how much do you expect it to effect you during the race on saturday?

KL: Of course it will. It will make my day a whole lot harder but overtaking is far from impossible here so I still feel quietly optimistic. The car feels really good on the longer stints so we have a really competitive package.

Q: Can the Red Bulls be caught after the dominant performance today?

KL: No. If they just drive without making mistakes it will be quite impossible. But if I can take a podium I will be more than happy come saturday.

Published 2011-08-26 by Peter Bohlin | Edit