Red Bulls dominate Belgian qualifying

xTodays qualifying was a total domination from Red Bull who top the sheets in every single session as Kristoffer Holm proved he was the fastest man of the day and took pole with a margin of 1 tenth to his teammate Bohlin. The third session ended in a dramatic fashion when Bohlin set a blistering 1:44,7 only to lose the lead 30 seconds after as Holm claimed pole. Indeed the performance was even better than they thought initially and they were a clear 9 tenths faster than Locksey who took third position in his Ferrari, a decent result for him though he will lose grid positions safter his penalty from Hungary.

Fourth was Tomas Vilis who together with Locksey were the only ones within a second of the Bulls. Vilis who grows more and more set some really stunning times on his way to second row. Markus Walter took a very good 5th and has been fast all weekend, it looks like Frank Williams might have a fun race to watch. Reiko Lill was 6th, though half a second slower from his best Q2 lap, after a shunt in Q3 he was forced to leave his car. 7th was Adrian Holm who complained somewhat after the qualifying his car was not setup in a correct way. It was especially suspension problems he claimed the Ferrari suffered from.

Ekroth in the Renault was 8th fastest followed by Brevitz and Widen who arguably made his best qualifying setting some really fast times in his Toro Rosso car. Karlsson was 11th while Palmre and Teeorg were eliminated in Q1.

The race itself looks to be set up perfectly for Red Bull. It will take a huge effort from the rest of the field to be able to challenge them. But be sure to tune in for the Belgian GP, as always it looks to be a classic in the making.

Published 2011-08-25 by Kris Locksey | Edit